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Digital Strategy

We understand that when you commission a website, you are not just seeking something that looks good – you want your new website to have a positive, measurable impact on your business.

As your web design team, we can work even more closely with you to understand your business and your market so that together we can improve your brand and increase your sales.

We do this with an optional add-on called the Design Strategy Package.

Defining Goals

Understanding the purpose of your website and how it will fit with your wider marketing programmes is crucial to us creating a site that will deliver maximum value to you. After the completion of a detailed discovery document, we’ll run a 1- 2 hour strategy meeting with you, led by our online strategist, Fiona.

Fiona has a wealth of business development and online marketing experience with FTSE100 and global eCommerce companies. She has led campaigns and developed online strategies to deliver tangible ROI in extremely competitive markets.

Fiona will apply her expertise so that we design and build you a website which best supports your business goals and gets you results.

Following the meeting, you will be provided with a detailed report outlining the design strategy we will pursue together.

The Process

With the design strategy in place, we will enter the build phase of your site, applying the recommendations put forward in the report. We will also implement tracking and monitoring tools enabling us to optimise and increase conversions from the moment your new website has launched.

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Your Audience

Within the design strategy, we will examine which tools and technologies to implement in order to achieve and measure your goals, including:

  • Audience Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Optimisation
  • Social Media
  • Real Time Visitor Recording
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Goal Optimisation
  • A/B Split Testing

By utilising these means, you can be assured your website will obtain and demonstrate the results you are seeking, and that improvements can be identified and maintained on a long-term basis.

Case study

Oldfield Forge


Oldfield Forge, approached us in 2017 for a new website in order to improve their blacksmithing business. Their current site was functional, however it was not being utilised to the fullest and did not reflect their fantastic quality brand and reputation. Staff at Oldfield spent a lot of time developing offline marketing and attending expensive expos in order to secure sales and bookings to their training academy. Admin staff were required to deal with all of the phone calls and paperwork.

Our Solution:

Our primary focus with Oldfield was to drastically improve their online brand in order to improve visitor confidence in order to encourage sales. Their online shop was redesigned with the customer journey in mind. The bounce rate was quite high on their existing website and so we recommended the use of video on the homepage to grab people’s attention. We addressed numerous other issues such as poor responsiveness in order to better serve mobile users which made approximately 50% of visitors. Then, following the launch of the site we monitored, maintained, updated the site and worked heavily on SEO and advised on content and social media in order to increase the number of visitors and the conversion rate resulting in a total increase in sales of 300%. The site received so much web traffic over the Christmas period that their server had to be upgraded.

Sales are now almost entirely generated online, streamlining the pipeline, allowing Oldfield to free up admin staff saving a considerable amount of money, far more than their investment on the website. Their training academy is now constantly booked up 6 months in advance and our client could not be happier as we continue to work with them.

Sales have tripled from the new website. The online shop has been the biggest transformation, this has saved us on admin staff because it allows me to work purely on the sales coming in online.

Since launching our site we have learnt so much more about marketing our site effectively. We have chosen to continue working closely with the team and are extremely excited for the future of our company.

We can highly recommend Voodoochilli to anyone who is considering a new website.

Nicky Heath Director of Oldfield Forge Ltd & Oldfield Forge Academy.

Resulting Statistics

  • 300% Sales increase
  • 3930% Increase in traffic
  • 1666% Estimated ROI
Case study



Astrocal commissioned us to develop a new website for their astrology calendar business which has been online since 2005. Tina, Director and their main calendar designer, was spending a lot of her time managing the site and this was taking her away from creating new products. The site ranked reasonably in search engines, but we felt the shopping system could be drastically improved and traffic levels raised.

Our Solution:

We redesigned the entire site with a strong focus on improving the customer journey in order to increase the conversion rate. We reinforced the company's branding across the site taking clues from the design work produced for the calendars themselves. We monitored, tracked and worked closely with Astrocal to continually improve the site on numerous levels. We worked with them to deliver dynamic content in the form of online calculators as well as an online sales platform that automatically generates PDFs for the customers, allowing the to site generate income automatically .

The levels of traffic brought in by this strategy were so successful that, as with Oldfield, their server needed to be upgraded. Within 12 months of launching the new site Astrocal became VAT registered after 10 years of prior trading and sales have now increased by 300%. The improvements to their business has been life changing and the owners have recently been in a position to buy their dream home with the profits generated from online sales. We continue to work with Astrocal and are currently helping them to move into global markets.

Since we had our new website built our sales have tripled. The online shop is very easy for the customer to use, gives new payment methods and shows off our products brilliantly. It is also very easy for us to update and add products ourselves which has personally saved me lots of time as it can be now updated by someone who doesn’t have any web design knowledge. This means I’ve been able to hand over the management of the shop to someone else and I can focus on designing new products instead.

Thanks to Harry and his team for increasing our profile and sales and moving our company forward in such a positive way.

Tina Smale Director of Astrocal Ltd.

Resulting Statistics

  • 300% Sales increase
  • 1076% Increase in traffic
  • 1250% Estimated ROI

A Fantastic Return
On Investment

Strategic design is an optional, paid service where we will employ a clear strategy designed specifically for you with the goal of bringing in new customers and increasing sales for your business.

Our 18 years of experience in the industry make us the obvious choice if you are looking to grow your business through a powerful and effective website and online strategy that works for you. It is designed to deliver far more than the initial investment and our aim is to impress you so much that by the end of the implementation of the plan continuing with us is a no-brainer.

If you feel you could benefit from our services we'd love for you to get in touch. Get a quote for a same day response, email [email protected] or phone us on 01432 278766

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