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Summit Medical Group

Summit Medical Group operate within surgical, infection control and sports medicine.

About Summit Medical Group

Summit Medical is a large medical sector company with head offices Gloucestershire. They employ over 100 staff from customer Services, Engineering, to Sales and R&D.

Founded in 1984, and with a worldwide distribution, they have a wealth of experience within their sector and are global leaders in the provision of medical products. The brand is a group of divisions and operate within surgical, infection control and sports medicine.

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Project Highlights


Summit Medical Group recently went through a major rebrand and our job was to work with their branding guidelines and bring to life the digital aspect of their presence. One approach they had is to humanise their products and service through the use of lifestyle images, allowing them to visually connect to the end user rather than simply showing the clinical and technical aspects of what they do.

As a large corporate entity it is great to see this user-first approach, and we found the experience of working with them rewarding.

During all stages of our Summit Medical global rebrand the team at Voodoochilli offered us professional support and guidance. From the initial discussion about our new website, to the first wire-frames, all through the creative process and right up to the time when our new site went online, Voodoochilli have taken an inclusive and adaptive approach; including embracing the changes we made in the final stages of our website build!

This and their ongoing can do attitude (even when our project had been completed) means we will look forward to continuing to work with Voodoochilli in the future.

Carlo Balugani, Marketing Manager, Creative, Summit Medical Group Ltd

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