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Hereford Dog Groomers

A Doggy Experience Unlike Any Other

This daring and colourful site breaks away from the bland and predictable, elevating the business brand beyond that of the competition.

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About Hereford Dog Groomers

This project had all of the elements needed to make it a fantastic project to work on. Our clients Jim and Lauren contacted us because they were already fans of our work and the brief was not only interesting and different, but they allowed us to really flex our creative muscles.

Hereford Dog Groomers Project Image
Hereford Dog Groomers Responsive Image
Hereford Dog Groomers Responsive Image
Hereford Dog Groomers Responsive Image
Hereford Dog Groomers Responsive Image
Hereford Dog Groomers Responsive Image

Brilliant Booking System

One feature our clients needed was a comprehensive booking system. There were various off-the-shelf systems out there, but none of them quite met our client's needs. Together, through a brainstorming session we worked out what would really make a system work well for them and their own clients. It had to be simple and easy to use, whilst taking card payments securely and storing appointments online.

There is hidden depth to the simplicity, for example the booking system syncs with their own Google Calendar keeping them updated at all times regarding upcoming appointments.

We are an extremely busy and professional dog grooming business based in Hereford. After a successful 4 years we decided we wanted to take our business to the next level in order to become the leading dog grooming salon in Hereford. It was at this point we had the difficult task to seek a design studio to take hold of our requirements and create something beautiful.

It was at this point we struck gold and selected Voodoochilli. Harry is one of the most professional and creative guys I have ever met, he really knows his stuff. Richard and the other guys are an asset to Voodoochilli. From day one we were kept in the loop, and soon found Harry is able to cater for every business's requirements.

What we wanted was quite a complex site that beats any off-the-shelf software that is available on the market for our industry. Not only did Voodoochilli design a perfect and seamless solution for Hereford Dog Groomers, they exceeded our expectations in every way possible.

To find a web design company that allows you to have as much hands-on involvement as you wish is near on impossible, but Voodoochilli have managed to provide that balance perfectly.

We couldn’t be happier with our website, not only has it made our clients’ experience at Hereford Dog Groomers second to none, it has become a very handy business tool for us and streamlined the way we run our business on a day-to-day basis.

We will never use any other design studio for anything, we look forward to working with Voodoochilli going forward.

James Dyer, Hereford Dog Groomers

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