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Coulson Read Lewis

Friendly and approachable legal services

This fun, friendly and colourful website offers a warm welcome to existing and potential new clients of the firm.

Coulson Read Lewis Project Image

About Coulson Read Lewis

This Hereford based law firm contacted us to help rebrand their new website after a recent acquisition. As part of the rebrand, Coulson Read Lewis wanted to get across the fact that they are a very friendly and approachable team of legal experts. They wanted to get away from the stuffiness that is sometimes associated with the profession.

Their site is powered by our bespoke CMS enabling staff to update all aspects of the site's content, from the images used, to the text, staff members and the services they offer.

Coulson Read Lewis Project Image
Coulson Read Lewis Responsive Image
Coulson Read Lewis Responsive Image
Coulson Read Lewis Responsive Image
Coulson Read Lewis Responsive Image
Coulson Read Lewis Responsive Image

Themed Design

During initial talks with our client, it was decided to use the theme of animals to portray the various aspects of business that the firm do. The images are striking, but also some are quite humorous, for example Divorce and Family law has a preying mantis, Wills and Probate a giant tortoise. The decision to use this kind of imagery was made to show the lighter side of the firm, a company that prides itself on being friendly and approachable in an industry that is often seen as cut-throat and uncaring.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude both personally and on behalf of my firm, Coulson Read Lewis Solicitors for the work Voodoochilli have put into designing and implementing our new website.

From my first meeting with Richard and Harry I was fully confident in their ability to deliver the design concept I had in mind. When I saw them both I thought I knew exactly what it was I wanted, however it soon became clear that their insight in understanding my needs was to prove invaluable.

Throughout my dealings with Richard and Harry I was always impressed by their knowledge and enthusiasm for our project. I came to the process as a complete novice in my understanding of website design and implementation, they both put me at ease and were able to act as the most effective conduit in realising my ideas.

They both kept me fully appraised of the progress of the project and their work was both delivered swiftly and effectively.

My partners and myself are overjoyed with the finished product. We have no doubt that the website Voodoochilli have delivered for us will enrich our business and will deliver for our clients.

I would not hesitate to recommend Voodoochilli to other businesses regardless of their size or business type.

Mark Thompson, Managing Partner Barrister at Law

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