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Web Hosting

High performance hosting for your website

Web Hosting

Web hosting is essentially the home of your website, the server space that it is stored on. Little do many people know that not all web hosting is equal.

Surprisingly, a lot of the big hosting companies have underperforming servers and a slow server can not only negatively affect your website, annoy and perhaps turn away your visitors, it now affects search engine results – a site hosted on a faster server will appear higher up the list on Google.

Here at Voodoochilli, we have our own high-end server which hosts nothing but our own client’s websites meaning that it is super fast and reliable. Everything is backed up locally, physically and remotely to ensure your data is totally safe in the event of a problem.

Voodoochilli Hosting £189 per year

  • Super fast hosting
  • Basic technical support with any hosting or email related issues
  • Emergency support when you need it
  • Daily backups of your website
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Web Statistics and monitoring
  • 5,000 MB of space
  • 10,000 MB of bandwidth

Our hosting is typically faster and more reliable than the big hosting companies offering an improved experience to your visitors, a higher uptime and better SEO results. We also offer support to our clients as standard, so you will be in safe hands with us.

Ideal For: Those that need business class hosting and support on a limited budget.

Voodoochilli Hosting & Support £389 per year

Our support based hosting boasts amazing server performance as well as priority support and emergency maintenance – if something happens to your site that needs urgent action we will attempt to fix it within 24 hours, in most cases much quicker. The package includes updates for up to 1 hour of development every month, worth over £500.

Ideal For: Anyone that considers their website an important part of their business or needs routine updates or support.

Care Package£95 per month

  • Everything in Voodoochilli Hosting
  • Unlimited web hosting
  • Updates, fixes and support - up to 5 hours per month, every month
  • Guaranteed support – as a prepaid package you will always be supported even if we are incredibly busy when you need help.
  • 6 Monthly consultation and site evaluation
  • Ongoing SEO optimisation
  • Can be downgraded at any time to another hosting package

The Care Package is our ultimate hosting, support and maintenance package. It is an extremely cost effective way of having all of your hosting needs looked after. Each month we will make updates to your site, tweak it, improve it, and optimise it for search engines as if it was our very own. With the Care Package your site is in safe hands.
Read More about our Care Package.

Ideal For: Anyone that considers their website a critical part of their business or needs regular updates and support.
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