Answers to some commonly asked questions

How much does it cost?

By far the most common question we get, the quick answer is - it depends. There are many factors involved in the cost of a website, from the number of features and pages to the design requirements. We can only give you a firm quotation if you get in touch, but typically small sites start at about £2000 and larger ones start at around £2500-3000.

That seems expensive!

Actually we are competitively priced, but the simple fact is that a lot of work goes into making a website. Each site requires 4-5 skilled people working on it over a period of several weeks. At the very least you need a project manager, a designer, a front end developer and a backend developer, and in most cases more people are involved in producing a high quality website.

How long does it take?

Smaller sites take around 3-4 weeks to design and build, but larger sites can take longer. Typically the first couple of weeks is reserved for the design phase and we usually have your first designs ready for feedback within about a week. If you have a deadline you need to stick to, let us know beforehand.

Can we spread the cost?

We always spread the cost of a website. Smaller sites usually have payments split into two equal payments, whereas larger sites are split into three.

We ask for the first payment before we start any work to cover our initial costs, and the last payment is only paid when the client is happy with the final website. Very occasionally we spread the cost further, for example over 6 months.

Who owns the website after it is complete?

If you hire us to design and build a website for you, the website belongs to you.

What software do you use?

We use a variety of different software packages but all of our developers are capable of hand coding, so software is for the most part irrelevant to us. Our websites are predominately written in PHP, MYSQL, HTML5 and CSS3.

What are your Terms & Conditions

Please see our terms here.

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